Our Services

The Center for Autism provides a continuum of services to meet the growing need for effective intervention for children with ASDs and their families. Those seeking services in the Center will find caring, highly trained professionals intent on improving the quality of life for the individuals we serve. Our affiliation with Caldwell University’s Master of Arts and Ph.D. programs in Applied Behavior Analysis provides us with a unique position to be involved in training the next generation of professionals. This creates a dynamic environment where we are able to provide specialized services supervised by nationally recognized faculty members and deliver intervention based on cutting edge research.

Services provided through the Caldwell University Center for Autism and Applied Behavior Analysis are designed to supplement a child’s current program or serve as a temporary placement for children until an effective school program is found.

These services include

  • Assessment and treatment of problem behavior
  • Instruction in a variety of skills, including language/verbal behavior, play, relationship-building, self-help, academics, eating new foods, sleep, and sports/exercise
  • Community participation instruction, including attending religious services, shopping, eating at restaurants, participation in sports, attending birthday parties/play dates
  • Home and school consultation
  • Assessment of current educational programs